vineri, 4 decembrie 2009

london-my favorite city

Last year when i was in London , my life was like a fairytale I've lived there just for a year.I want to see how is to be on your own.....and belive me i saw a good way.I wasn't itself because i've got my sister and my brother close to me.I love them very much and i know that i am "the little princess"for them:).I have to recognize that i was spoiled when a was a child:D
Ahhh London is a beautiful city with very beautiful places to visit ,specially when you are in me.;).In this big city my life was quietly,beautiful and i had a lot of things to learn.I've seen many things there.....and i've lived in King George V(a little city from london)is near London City Airport:).....belive me in all this time when i've lived there i've seen a lot of planes.
I've olso liked to go to shopping on Oxford Street,a famous street there in London.I've meet very good peoples there, and i miss them a lot.
I remember that last Christmas i was in London with one of my lovely sister and with my brother in low.A day before Christmas,my sister and i,were looking for a christmas tree and.....we got it.We've had a beautiful Christmas which i will always remember with love and with a large smile on my face:)))).I have many things to say about all my life and all my sweet moments lived there but i promiss that i will write again about it...
I miss my life from London.....but this is i'm home....but i'll be back in London in the future;) so.....wait for me London!!!(last year was a lot of snow in London).

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